¡Conoce el Calciómetro de Elcal!

Osteoporosis - 17 de Ago, 2017
Calciómetro de Elcal

¿Sabes cuál es la dosis diaria de calcio que necesitas? Nosotros te contamos cuál es tu dosis diaria recomendada y cómo alcanzarla, con nuestro Calciómetro.

According to your age and gender, calcium needs change. However, few people really care to include calcium-rich foods in their diet, or take supplements to ensure intake of this essential mineral for bone health and prevention of osteoporosis .

In the case of women https://thepcgames.net/diablo-2-pc-game-full-version-free/ the situation is more complex, since they are the ones most affected by osteoporosis . Therefore, it is important to be aware of how to prevent, to prevent this disease from putting health at risk.

Thinking about this, is that in Elcal we created the Calciometer , which helps to know the calcium needs of people according to age and gender. We invite you to visit the page https://elcal.cl/calciometro and find out what your daily dose of calcium is and how to achieve it.